You probably know what shoes are. They cover and protect your feet and soles. Whenever you buy shoes, you don’t buy the shoe that is too big for you nor the shoe that can barely fit, but the shoe that fits best. And ideally, if you don’t like the pair you’re wearing, you can continue trying on shoes until you find the right pair. Consider this same idea when seeking out the right job. What types of jobs interest you? What are you passionate about? In what ways would you like to make a difference? Just like shoes, there are several different styles and sizes and the same is true when considering job options. While you are young and figuring out the right career field, you can begin learning about the different jobs that you are interested in!

As a young adult – whether you are a teenager in high school or a student in college – you should be trying as many jobs while you can. Whether you are interested in working in the food industry, retail, or business, you can gain work experience and clarity, to better understand what your interests are.

If applying to jobs are too much for you right now, try volunteering and joining organizations that fit your current long term goals. If you want to work in the political field for example, apply to Think tanks and local grassroots campaigns. Doing so, you’ll be able to submerge yourself in work related experiences that can help you decide whether you want to continue this as a future career or not.

Overall, like trying on shoes to see if they fit and whether it’s your style, mirror this with your career exploration. Volunteer with organizations and get your foot in the door with each industry to see if you’d want to pursue that type of job and work style for your future career. Not only will this help narrow down your job search, but allow you to discover what career you’re truly passionate about.

Story by Kyle Catarata – OWINN Special Projects Coordinator