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Attract enthusiastic young minds to your business and watch them thrive! LifeWorks helps you decide the best approach to get involved.

Why should I have work-based learning at my company?

Inspire your future workforce

Show career seekers that you’re willing to invest in their success.

Attract the best talent

Eager learners will find your company is a place to thrive.

Build loyalty from day 1

Apprentices and interns become dedicated employees.

What is work-based learning?

Develop your future workforce

There are a variety of ways to engage with education and community. Find where your business can have an impact.

Become a classroom speaker

Attract and engage young learners.

1 hour
Schedule a class tour

Make the first introductions, and help them visualize the future.

1 hour
Become a strategic organizer

Increase your community involvement to make connections as an industry leader.

2 hours per month
Provide an apprenticeship or internship

Give them a taste for a career, and find the best and brightest.

16 hours per month

Join thousands of learners + employers


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Students engaged in work-based learning

Words from our partners


“We want [our apprentices] to be taking coursework that will help them get to that next step, so that we’re not only solving for a production-hiring need, but we’re helping an individual find their path to another role at Tesla or another education opportunity. Either way, we’re providing a solution for them to earn and learn. … And we keep our talent local, and grow it from within.”

Emily Webb • Tesla Senior Project Manager, Workforce Development + Education

“Knit is involved on several fronts to try to create the next generation of architects and engineers. We get to see the students grow, and sometimes they come back to us. … When they’re successful, it puts a warm light in our hearts to know that we were part of that path.”

Michelle Duranleau • Knit Studios Lead Architect

“It’s a win-win—We hire, train, and equip students with certifications that will make them useful in the workforce. … When I see students go from never having written a line of code to building their own projects from scratch, it is so rewarding. I feel like a proud tech mama.”

Duana Malone • Nevada Help Desk President + CEO

“Reaching the goal of completing my CNA apprenticeship has been amazing. Because of [TMCC’s program], I could go back to school and bring in money for my family. If it wasn’t for this program I don’t think I would be a nurse. My kids are proud of me.”

Nafisha Sheldon • Renown Health Registered Nurse