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Educators allow the LifeWorks system to thrive. You strive to expose your students to unique, real-world learning opportunities; we help you provide memorable experiences that will serve them for a lifetime.

What are the impacts of work-based learning on my students?

Explore their interests

Offer students real-world learning experiences in interesting fields of work.

Guide their enthusiasm

Direct them to opportunities with in-demand occupations that foster growth.

Place them on track

Watch their interests morph into successful careers and dream jobs.

What is work-based learning?

empower your students

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Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning leads to increased confidence and participation in academic interests.

Find classroom support

Bring your lesson plans to life with guest speakers and tours!

Explore in-demand occupations

Give your students a leg-up to discover and pursue compelling career paths.

Access other resources

We’re here to support you in whatever way we can.

Building Nevada's Future Workforce


Students engaged in work-based learning


Students enrolled in career + technical education


By 2024 Nevada will have more than 600,000 available jobs. Half of these jobs will be newly created.