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Create an Apprenticeship or Internship Program

Create an Apprenticeship

OWINN is a strong proponent of apprenticeships and is actively working with businesses throughout the state to create more opportunities for employers and job seekers. If you are interested in developing a registered apprenticeship program for your company but have questions on how to begin, please reach out directly to OWINN.

If you have created an internship or apprenticeship program, please provide us with details.

Submit your internship or apprenticeship

The elements of a registered apprenticeship program include:

  • Business involvement — Employers are the foundation of every apprenticeship program. They play an active role in building the program and remain involved every step of the way.Employers frequently work together through apprenticeship councils, industry associations, or other partnerships to share the administrative tasks involved in maintaining apprenticeship programs.
  • Structured on-the-job training — Apprenticeships always include an on-the-job training component. Apprentices receive hands-on training from an experienced mentor at the job site. On-the-job training focuses on the skills and knowledge an apprentice must learn during the program to be fully proficient on the job. This training is based on national industry standards, customized to the needs of the particular employer.
  • Related instruction — One of the unique aspects of the apprenticeships is that they combine on-the-job learning with related instruction on the technical and academic competencies that apply to the job. Education partners collaborate with business to develop the curriculum, which often incorporates established national-level skill standards. The related instruction may be provided by community colleges, technical schools, or apprenticeship training schools — or by the business itself. It can be delivered at a school, online, or at the job site.
  • Rewards for skill gains — Apprentices receive wages when they begin work, and receive pay increases as they meet benchmarks for skill attainment. This helps reward and motivate apprentices as they advance through their training.
  • Nationally-recognized credential — Every graduate of an apprenticeship program receives a nationally-recognized credential. This is a portable credential that signifies to employers that apprentices are fully qualified for the job.

Registered apprenticeship (RA) sponsor responsibilities:

The following is a list of responsibilities of the sponsor of a US DOL Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program. OWINN can assist in any stage of the process. The sponsor can be an employer, or an intermediary acting on behalf of an employer or group of employers. The sponsor can register and operate its RA programs state-by-state, and/or can register and operate them at a national level. Although overall responsibility remains with the RA sponsor, the breadth and depth of each of the responsibilities can be shared and delegated to other entities participating in the RA program (e.g. employers, education providers).

Development of RA program

  • Determine occupation(s) for which to build RA program
  • Determine RA program type: time-based, competency-based, hybrid
  • Determine RA registration type: National Guidelines, National Standards, state/OA
    • For Nevada recognition, must submit the program through the State Apprenticeship Council (SAC)
  • Develop RA on-the-job learning (OJL) competencies/metrics
  • Develop RA related technical instruction (RTI)
  • Develop and accept Standards of Apprenticeship contract (boilerplate)
  • Develop and accept Appendices to Standards:
    • Work Processes / RTI and Wage Scale
    • Apprenticeship Registration Agreements
    • Affirmative Action Plan
    • Qualifications and Acceptance Procedures
    • Employer Acceptance Agreement
  • Document above RA Program through use of US DOL RA Standards Builder

Registration of RA program with federal/state office of apprenticeship

Registration of RA Program with Federal / State Office of Apprenticeship (OA) (Nevada is a State Apprenticeship Agency, requiring programs for Nevada recognition to appear before SAC. However, some programs operating in Nevada may also submit to the OA for approval)

  • Determine where to register Standards (national / state SAC / state OA)
  • Establish relationship with appropriate OA entity
  • Submit and present standards and appendices for review and approval by OA entity

Registration of approved RA program with federal/state agencies

  • Determine where to register approved RA program (state WIOA entity)
  • Register approved RA program with state WIOA and state VA entities to be on Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)
  • Register approved RA program with other state entities for potential funding and/or support services

Registration of participating employers into approved RA program

  • Identify interested employer(s) in participating in RA program
  • Review program standards and all appendices with employer
  • Modify appendices if necessary making minor adjustments
  • Secure employer acceptance agreement and signatures
  • Identify employer’s provider of RTI delivery and secure them on ETPL
  • Identify employer’s mentors for OJL delivery
  • Identify and/or define employer’s apprentice performance review process

Registration of participating employer’s apprentices

  • Access both state and federal (RAPIDS) registration tools
  • Register all new apprentices entering programs
  • Assist with identifying apprentice support services

Monitoring of participating employer RA programs

  • Monitor and review apprentice selection and hiring processes
  • Monitor and review apprentice wage scale increase process
  • Monitor and review education provider’s RTI delivery
  • Monitor and review employer mentor’s OJL delivery
  • Monitor and review employer’s apprentice performance review process

Monitoring of participating employer apprentices

  • Update apprentice status (termination/completion)
  • Update apprentice RTI and OJL completions
  • Update apprentice wage scale increases
  • Request/award USDOL and Nevada State Certificates of Completion to apprentice graduates

Reporting on RA programs and RA apprenticeships (federal/state)

  • Provide reporting on all new and existing RA programs
  • Provide reporting on newly registered apprentices (e.g. demographic info)
  • Provide reporting on terminated registered apprentices
  • Provide reporting on completed/graduated registered apprentices