Not everyone graduates from high school in the traditional way. Some students are home-schooled, some dropout to take care of siblings and/or financial responsibilities, and some just get their GED. Even those that do graduate from high school on time may not have the necessary skills and/or experience to do more than survive in college or earn more than minimum wage. Few have the skills necessary to truly succeed upon entering adulthood. What then is a late-teen or twenty-something to do?

Nevada has many programs to help youth in this area. Positive Youth Impact by Nevada Partners include everything from leadership development and work readiness to health and wellness to resources and services to help “out-of-school youth gain self-sufficiency.” There’s even a culinary program! They also offer services to help youth ace their SATs or get their GEDs. These programs boast over 500 local youth participants so if this sounds like you, visit or call (702) 924-2133 for more information!