Youth employment has steadily increased over the past decade with 51% of youth between the ages of 16-24 that are employed either part-time or full-time. Yet, finding a job may be daunting for a first time job seeker, but do not fear OWINN is here! In this blog I’ll provide preparation advice for the job application process.

Finding a Job

Although there are many online resources like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor, which offer an array of job listings, do not assume that all of these listings are geared toward your interests and qualifications. There may be some job postings where teens can apply, however many of these websites advertise job openings that are tailored to more seasoned professionals and adults, preferring those who have obtained a degree and years of work experience.

Start small. If you are currently enrolled at a local school, ask a teacher, school counselor, and even friends about available jobs that best fit your interests and career goals. Often times, our personal networks can lead us to job opportunities that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. You never know, who you know may lead you to your next job application or position! There are also great services around Southern Nevada that help student’s target their career interests and find local prospects. State organizations like OWINN, One-Stop Career Center, Batteries Included, and Nevada Partners provide resources for students and young adults who are seeking job opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships.


Before you do all of this, make sure you have a resumé and/or curriculum vitae (CV) in hand. Though a curriculum vitae may only apply to university jobs, there are a few employers that accept a curriculum vitae for consideration of employment. Ideally, a resumé should highlight who you are, and discuss your previous work experience and the impact you made in your role.

If you do not have any formal work experience, you can always include your high school activities, course work that you’ve completed or course work related to the position you’re applying to, as well as your talents and skills. If you ever need help creating a professional resumé, click here to follow one of OWINN’s free resumé templates.

Following Up

If you do apply for a job – whether online or through a personal contact – don’t forget to follow up. Following up with the employer shows that you are dedicated and it also serves as a reminder for employers who may forget about your application. However, there is a limit to following up. A quick, personalized, follow up email a week after you’ve submitted the job application is recommended, but sending several emails will likely be received as pestering employers.

Job preparation is key to securing any new position. Whether you’re connecting with peers or advisors, finalizing your resumé, or following up with employers, these are all essential steps towards gaining employment.

Story by Kyle Catarata – OWINN Special Projects Coordinator