It’s about that time again in the year! No, not just opening gifts for the holidays, but the start of the Scholarship Season! If you’re a student in the state of Nevada, primarily one who is about to graduate this year, keep a heads up because scholarship deadlines are coming up!

A scholarship is an award of financial aid for students to further their education, whether it be through enrolling in higher education or seasonal programs. There are many scholarships for graduating seniors and incoming first-year undergraduate students to apply to, and two scholarships that you should definitely check out are the Kenny C. Guinn Millennium Scholarship & the Public Education Foundation (PEF). The Kenny C. Guinn Millennium Scholarship is automatically granted to all Nevadan graduates who will be pursuing their education here in the great state of Nevada. Eligibility for the scholarship is stated on their flyer.

Kenny C. Guinn Millennium Scholarship Flyer (PDF)

You do not need to fill out an application for the Kenny C. Guinn Millennium Scholarship, rather your school administrators should send your information to the State Treasurer if you are eligible.

The Public Education Foundation — also known as PEF — is an in-state database that provides a plethora of scholarships to apply to. Most PEF scholarships range from specific high school donors, memorial, international, and service organizations. This unique database system allows you to apply to scholarships tailored to your experiences and interests. Most PEF scholarship due dates fall on January 31, 2018, however other scholarships may differ. Besides these two scholarships, there are many National & International scholarships you can apply to. All it takes is a simple Google search and you’re on your way!

With a few weeks left of the school semester, take time over the holiday break to search for scholarships and apply! Don’t forget to edit your essays, contact your teachers ahead of time if you need them as references, and submit your applications before the deadline! If you think you may not get the scholarship, you should still apply. You never know the outcome until you apply! It’s free money and who doesn’t like free money?

Story by Kyle Catarata – OWINN Special Projects Coordinator