According to, the average worker with only a high school diploma can expect to make about $35,256 per year. With the cost of living rising in many parts of the country, that salary won’t get them very far. With college costs climbing and student loan debt reaching crippling levels, four-year University might not be a viable option for every high school graduate. High school students need better options to make their education work for them. They need more pathways to a brighter future.

One option available for high school students to help them towards a successful postsecondary path is earning the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). A key part of credentialing programs in industries such as energy, construction, manufacturing and information technology, the NCRC requires the completion of three WorkKeys assessments (also available in Spanish) that measure essential career skills in applied math, workplace documents, and graphic literacy.

The scores from these tests help earn a NCRC at a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze level, serving as a valid predictor of workplace success. In addition to making a resume more competitive for better paying jobs, benefits of attaining a NCRC also include earning up to three semester hours of college credit (for levels Silver and up).

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