Nevada made amazing gains in academics over the last few years. Graduation rates are on the rise and projected to be the highest Nevada has seen. However, a high school diploma on its own just won’t cut it anymore; in order to be successful in such a competitive workforce, students need to be able to enter the workforce armed with the skills, experience and knowledge for which employers are searching for and that often requires an education credential beyond a high school diploma.

An education credential beyond a high school diploma is required for many of the jobs being created – although those credentials do not necessarily mean a four-year college degree. In many instances, that education credential is an industry-recognized certificate or certification that is portable, stackable, and has labor-market value that prepares students for middle-skills or middle-skills STEM jobs.

Middle-skills jobs require more than a high school education, but less than a four year. Analysis from the National Skills Coalition shows that demand for middle-skills jobs will remain strong through 2024 in Nevada.