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Learn + Earn Advanced-Career Pathways (LEAP)

As the standard template for career pathway development in Nevada, LEAP integrates education, government and industry in a standardized process to ensure that workers have the skills they need to succeed in both the short — and long-term in the New Nevada, that education institutions know what they need to teach, and that companies have a qualified workforce. LEAP is designed to be a dynamic and responsive framework. Under LEAP, the following are essential:

  • Fully integrated — credits transfer from high school to college and university
  • Standardized — qualifications obtained are recognized and applicable across an industry
  • CTE foundation — pathways are rooted in statewide CTE standards
  • Employer Engagement — company participation is an essential component
  • Life-Long Learning — enabled through the frameworks “on” and “off” ramps

Download LEAP charts

Essentials (PDF)


Life Science Framework (PDF)

Life Science Skills (PDF)

Manufacturing Framework: North (PDF)

Manufacturing Framework: South (PDF)

Manufacturing Skills (PDF)

Recognition (PDF)

Timeline (PDF)